Coaching for Health & Well-Being.
It’s a Lifestyle.


Coaching for Health & Well-Being.
It’s a Lifestyle.


Coaching for Health & Well-Being.
It’s a Lifestyle.


Coaching for Health & Well-Being.
It’s a Lifestyle.

You are worth it.
Your future is worth it.

Choosing to live a healthy lifestyle can be exciting and overwhelming. Many have tried to get back to exercise or do what their doctor recommended and are now discouraged. Others don’t know where to start or what could help.

What would it look like if…

you were kind to your body?

What health goal would you like accomplish?

Taking care of yourself is possible, even with all the demands of life.

As a person, you know yourself best. Strengths, your nemesis and all. For some, the demands of life have taken over. Others are feeling out of balance or always doing for everyone else. Some lack confidence to try for change. Others neglect self care.

Want to heal? Need relief? Ready for something new?

Together, let’s imagine your well-being and the path you can take to get there. A Life and lifestyle that supports Well-Being.

Who I Support & Coach

Women ~ Singles ~ Mothers ~ Grandmothers

In Transition or Need to Make Some Changes

Want to be healthy in their season of life

Want to make time for what is most important

The #warriormom

Determined not to lose who they are

Want to Smile more

Meet the Coach

Hello, I’m Elaine Morgan.


A pensive people-watcher, strategic thinker and believer in human potential. Passionate about personal growth and figuring things out. I find great satisfaction in supporting others on quest for what is possible.

Get to Know Me

What truly matters?

For life to speak, we have to create space to listen. Sometimes, because we have done it all or been so diligent and strong and pushed through, we might even have to learn to listen, all over again.

I created Lifestyle Coaching: Coaching for Health and Well-Being to be that space – a safe space – a thoughtful place – that allows you to listen to self, envision self and plan your journey to health and well-being, whatever that is for you.

With the support of someone who’s been there, you will discern and design the path you know you need to take, so you have success. I have worked with hundreds of women in many capacities. My goal remains the same: Each coaching session is inspired by your goals and your vision.

Learn more about the coaching process here.

Want to feel better, healthier?

Need to make some time to focus on what is most important? Let’s talk about what that might look like for you!

Get my top 10 Questions for Self-Reflection about your lifestyle for health and well-being.

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Let’s achieve your goals together.

What does Health & Well-Being look like for you?

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Consider what is possible. Settle on a focus that seems important for now.

Experience Hope

Take Action. Tweak. Navigate what gets in the way. Want more support? I’d love to have you try out my Women Together group.

Arrive at Goal

The magic of coaching ensures that your good intention doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Celebrate Success

You will walk a path to a healthier lifestyle, greater health and well-being. Success and what is most important to you.