About Elaine

Passionate about whole person wellness. Relentless empathy for what we all go through in life. Strong in grace.

In my home office or remote, I celebrate life each day as a wife, mother and grandmother. Always in the mood for wood fire pizza. I am grateful for health and for those who encourage me to spend time on what truly matters in life.

Meet Your Coach, Elaine Morgan.

“Life has been my teacher. The journey has been my healer. “

Duke Integrative Health trained and certified Health and Well-Being Coach.

A nurturer at heart, determined to keep going when life kept dishing up the unexpected. “I was committed to thriving or, at the least, to surviving in difficult days.” I had a “growth mindset” even before growth mindset was a thing. My first music memories as a little girl are 60s folk. Tunes and words that called to my heart and set me on course toward today. Peace, love and all that.

My best friends? Books and the ocean.

My Bliss? Sitting at the beach, listening to the blend of soothing subtle seaside sounds, feeling the late afternoon breezes stir as the low sun casts shadows over the dune grasses.


There were some difficult years when I actually forgot what the waves sounded like. I can still remember the day I realized I couldn’t hear it- not in my memories and not even in my breath. I was adrift, and I knew it. My health became a concern. Doctors handed out advice. Yet I couldn’t stem the tide. I knew how I got there, and I needed to find my way back with a new path forward. Every journey I’ve taken has shaped me and left its mark.

Journeys do that, don’t they?

Read a note from Elaine.

Dear Friend on Life’s Journey,

All the experiences of the years and the paths have each looked different. I can imagine it is the same for you.

As I reflect, a sense of purpose, feeling safe and genuine connection were at the core of my needs. Sometimes I could touch on this place within, and others times I could not, pushing on and feeling the hole, unsafe or alone.

Who I am at my core would surface here and there, shining just enough to encourage or suggest the next step. Sometimes I couldn’t even take a step; though, I could notice possibility.

Hold on to hope.

Over time, the space enlarged. Clarity came. Confidence grew. I emerged. A new path. A lifestyle that nurtures me.

I am a shameless student and a question asker. Grounded by Faith. Sun-lover. Intoxicated by the tide and the marshes. Crazy about babies. Totally fascinated by human development and all the stages of the human life span. Intent on living well in grace. Travel to Spain came at the perfect time for reasons I won’t plumb here and promise to share when we work together.

 I am also the founder and owner of Morgan Guidance Services LLC, a Career and Educational Counseling group. A neurodiversity specialist for children, teens and adults. Consulting with parents and guiding them to resources and schools and how to navigate difficult parenting experiences.