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Coaching for Health and Well-Being.
It’s a Lifestyle.

My Philosophy for Coaching

One of my favorite reads, Full Catastrophe Living, by Jon Kabit Zin, draws attention and encourages acceptance of life’s every-day realities, which can, at times, feel like an ongoing experience of one catastrophe after the next. The expected and the unexpected.

It’s the human condition. We are like clay pots, earthen vessels. Always being shaped by life. At times we crack. Our patina softens with experiences and over time.

Imperfect is all of life.
Wonderful can be in the midst.

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

How Coaching Works

This question about how coaching works gets to the core of my decision to be trained at Duke Integrative Health and then pursue national board certification as a Health and Wellness Coach.

The Duke Health model is not endless go-nowhere questions.

The Duke Health and Wellbeing coaching model is a research-driven, proven process, backed by all the current information on neurology that best supports how people learn and grow.

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Our Process


Consider what is possible. Settle on a focus that seems important for now.

Experience Hope

Take Action. Tweak. Navigate what gets in the way. Want more support? I’d love to have you try out my Women Together group.

Arrive at Goal

The magic of coaching ensures that your good intention doesn’t fall by the wayside.

Celebrate Success

You will walk a path to a healthier lifestyle, greater health and well-being. Success and what is most important to you.


Rest and Relaxation

Sense of Purpose and Meaning

A Supportive Living Environment

Movement, Activity and Fitness

Mental and Emotional Health

Food and Nutrition


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Your Connection to Coaching

If any of this resonates with you,

If anything in you cries out for relief or answers

If you know you appreciate connection and camaraderie on your life journeys

If you are concerned about what the future might look like if something doesn’t change

If you would just like the pleasure of someone to share with or bounce ideas off along the way

If you feel like support for your health and well-being could make a difference and lead to your healthier version of you, I’d love to connect.

Explore all Support and Coaching Opportunities

I’d love to support your journey toward health and well-being. Whatever that is.

…get back into exercise, rising blood glucose levels or blood pressure, change how you eat, in remission or recovery, recovering from anything, better marriage, post-divorce, empty-nest, menopause, surprised by Parkinson’s or MS, caring for a declining spouse, mental health challenges, special needs parenting, high risk pregnancy or no pregnancy, self-care that actually works, in pursuit of optimal aging, rediscovering your you, raising children and a career, navigating a new season of life or…

You’re in the right place. Make time for health here.
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Simple. Satisfying. Success.

What is your vision of a lifestyle for health & well-being?

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