Key to Healthy Lifestyle for the New Year

Key to a Healthy Lifestyle. Elaine Morgan Health and Wellbeing Coach: Certified by Duke IM Integrative Medicine. New Year’s Resolutions – Creating Intentions – Manifesting. Coaching creates the opportunity for action to achieve the healthy lifestyle you want.

The future might feel bright with possibility. A new year often feels like a turning point and an opportunity for a fresh start.

What would you like to be different for you?

Conversely, what might your health or life look like in a few years, if you don’t make some changes?

Take a moment to envision your healthy self or even an ideal day, say six months from now. What comes to mind? Let’s consider how to get there.

Awareness, or mindfulness, and then taking action is the key and a most important step for change that leads to a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes we need to leave something behind so we can make more room for the healthy lifestyle we envision. What is something new you would like to make room for that will support your health and well-being?

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Key to a Healthy Lifestyle. Coaching for Action.

New Year’s Resolutions.
Are you a person who likes to make New Year’s Resolutions? Perhaps you shop for a calendar or a new pretty journal. The now empty pages represent possibility, what might be and what will become. At the end of the year, months from now, what would you like to see on the pages of your calendar? What about the year to come is within your control?

Setting Intention.
Do you lie on your yoga mat and consider an intention? What does setting an intention mean to you? Some focus their energy toward positive affirmations or meditation. For a sustainable yoga practice, many appreciate College Park Yoga in Orlando, FL. This studio offers therapeutic yoga and a lovely virtual practice opportunity. Yogi and studio owner Theresa Curameng recently reminded me. “You can steer your intention by building a foundation of daily work towards it. This thoughtful, continuous effort will allow the intention to come to life.”

Another approach is manifesting? Do you like to use your thoughts or feelings to bring something into reality? Do you practice aspirational thoughts and intentional actions toward something becoming real? Oprah speaks on the topic.

Lucie Hautruex, creator of Date Your Finances, is well-known as a financial coach and for supporting women small business owners in the United States and around the world to become intentional and at peace with their business finances as one important component of their overall health and well-being. Lucie reminds her clients, “Planning with action is required.”

Wing it and go with the flow.
Maybe you just like to wing it! Life tends to work out for you.

Conversely, maybe life feels out of control and too difficult to even plan for. I find this to often be the case when a one is a caregiver of a dependent child or dependent adult or when caring for a spouse or aging parent with health needs. Coaching for Health and Well-Being can accommodate your style and your situation. Coaching is for both planners and those who saying planning is not their thing.

All types of actions steps.
New Year’s Resolutions. Setting Intentions. Manifesting. Winging it. What style resonates with you when considering change or growth or a fresh start in some area of life?

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That’s the beauty of coaching. It’s about your goals and your approach, whether a resolution or an intention or manifesting or going with the flow or taking little steps one day at a time. Life isn’t linear. Coaching assists you to navigate the expected and the unexpected with less stress and more ease.

Action for your best version of a healthy lifestyle.
What will the year ahead bring for you? There are things we don’t know. None of us can predict the future; however, it is in our power to plan and act with intentionality each day so we can move forward with greater peace, living more fully in what we know about ourselves, ever closer toward our real and true.

I would be honored to be a part of your journey in the months to come. Together as humans, we are jars of clay, earthen vessels. Travelers sharing the planet, all on a journey together.

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Remember: Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.
What action step would you like to take for a healthy lifestyle you dream of?

Find your wonderful!

What you can do now
1.) Contact Us to see what it is like to work together and how you can make time for what is most important for your health and well-being.

2.) Take a few minutes by yourself. Pause and ponder. Reflect. Ask: “What would I like more of?” Ask: What do I need

3.) Imagine and Envision yourself.
Doing what you can to support your health and well-being.

4.) Vital & Real. Nurturing your mind-body-spirt. A life that supports a healthy you. What does that look like?

Health and Well-Being.
It’s a lifestyle.

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Elaine Morgan is the founder of Lifestyle Coaching for Health and Well-Being. As a coach, she is Trained and Certified by Duke IM, Duke Integrative Medicine. Elaine is also the founder of Morgan Guidance Services, where she consults as an experienced Educational Planner, Career Counselor and Patient Advocate. A specialist in neurodiversity, Elaine assists parents, guardians, and caregivers seeking the best private schools for ADHD, LD, ID, OCD, Asperger’s and Autism.

Elaine combines her years of professional experience and her personal experience as a parent; coaching and empowering families to be well. Schedule a consultation to explore the benefits of health and well-being coaching for yourself or Educational Consulting for a son or daughter. Our work will be tailored to your needs and goals. Our mission is to provide support and coaching in such a way as to empower you to make time for what is most important to you, whatever you determine that to be.