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Coaching for Health and Well-being. It’s a Lifestyle.

Lifestyle Support & Coaching Opportunities

Our partnership for your path will take you where you want to go.
What do you envision? What do you need?

A series of eight full sessions.

Private 1:1 session over 12 weeks toward a larger goal.

A package of three minis:

In the moment drop-in mini sessions, 30 minutes each, when you feel stuck or need clarity or when something feels pressing.

A comprehensive program 12 week:

Individual or with a cohort, combining 8 full 1:1, 2 drop-in minis and 3 guided sessions designed so you can take time to reflect on a lifestyle of health and well-being. ***Ask me about creating your own group, up to six, and attend together for a discount.

Safe and Sound Protocol:

Polyvagal Theory by Stephen Porges. The only practical, real-life application of Porges’ work designed to down regulate and calm the nervous system impacted by chronic stress or trauma including parenting stress or parenting trauma.

One year lifestyle coaching:

For personal health and wellness. Coaching designed for supporting integration of whole person goals with two hour planning session for the year ahead, quarterly sessions for review, reflection and planning, monthly reflection groups, 12 private 1:1 and six mini sessions. Please inquire. Some spots open quarterly.

Expressive Writing for Healing:

A guided research based and proven personal writing experience. Helpful to create a personal vision while also shedding things from the past that might get in the way of moving forward toward a lifestyle of health and well-being. Six weeks.

Book Club:

Reflective titles, wisdom literature, thought provoking. Contact us to inquire current title and times.

What is your vision of a lifestyle for health & well-being?

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